Holiday Camps

Our Holiday camps are designed as a primer to Robotics and Software programming. Children get exposure to up to 5 different Robotics platform with a focus on physical and software aspects of Robotics. 

Our holiday camps cater to children in age group 8-14 years. 

CAMP Address

Orleans Park School, Twickenham, England TW1 3BH, United Kingdom

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All children will get exposure to below listed robotics platforms. They will be grouped based on their age and prior exposure of robotics and programming to ensure they get the best learning and exposure from the camp. 

Please note, We provide all equipments including Laptops and Tablets.

Assemble and program your drone to fly like never before!

Learn Drone Programming

Learn to program a drone and understand underlying science and maths concepts around aerodynamics, coordinates and other geometry related aspects. 

(Designed for age group 8-13)

Build your own robot and move it the way you like!

Learn Robotics

Learn programming concepts such as loop, conditions, mathematical operations while having fun playing with Lego Boost robot.


(Designed for age group 8-10)

Explore the world of sensors and motors with advanced Lego platform!

Learn Robotics

Learn advanced block programming and understand usage of multiple sensors such as ultrasonic, colour, touch and gyro.

(Designed for age group 10-13) 

Dream up new adventures with exciting toy robots!

Learn Dash and Dot

Learn basic visual programming while enjoying activities on art and music.

(Designed for age group 8-10)

Unlock smart applications through your code on micro:bit!

Learn micro:bit

Learn coding in an easy and fun way using a tiny programmable computer. 

(Designed for age group 8-13)

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